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oggii 3.

Partnered with Zoetis and validated by Surrey University,
oggii’s no-recharge tiny sensor detects ear infections,
diabetes, external parasites, atopic dermatitis and more.

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1 Year Battery - No charging is required.
No Subscription.
1 Year Battery - No charging is required.
No Subscription.
1 Year Battery - No charging is required.
No Subscription.
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Clinical Monitoring

oggii’s cloud-based algorithms identify illnesses, symptoms and their severity, assess treatment effectiveness and long-term health trends. The oggii sensors are coin size, need no recharging for one year and communicate automatically and on a daily basis through Wi-Fi to pet owners and vet.

Symptoms Detection

Finding problems early, oggii recognizes subtle signs of disease and health issues, allowing you to provide enhanced care to your dog.

Treatment Effectiveness

Optimizing your dog’s treatment, oggii is there 24/7 making sure your pup is on the road to recovery, giving you the peace of mind, your dog is getting the best treatment possible.

Longevity Factors

Receive personalized recommendations to help you make informed decisions across key longevity factors.

Sec by Sec Behavioral Identification

Around the clock monitoring for your dog. Oggii monitors specific behaviors, including walking, running, sprinting, shaking, scratching, resting, sleeping, eating and drinking.

your dog’s nutrition

oggii’s cloud-based algorithms build a nutritional profile of any pet, used to personalize food based on updated clinical condition. From now on each pet will receive the best food for their needs.

Nutritional Fingerprint.

Oggii provides you with objective and personalized information on your dog’s nutritional needs, so you can choose the best diet for them.

Ongoing Nutritional Adjustments

Your dog’s nutritional needs change with their age, activity and health. oggii monitors for these changes and informs you when they occur, allowing you to adjust their diet to their own unique needs.

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