Frequently Asked Questions

Product Overview

oggii 3 is a device that attaches to your pet’s existing collar and allows you to track their activity from an app on your phone.

So, how does the technology work? 
You will first register your oggii 3 for your pet using your home or office Wi-Fi.
oggii 3 will automatically sync its data while your pet is in Wi-Fi range.

Wi-Fi serves a few very important functions for oggii 3 and is designed to give you the most comprehensive monitoring:
• During activation, you will be required to setup a Wi-Fi network associated with your pets.
• It allows oggii 3 to quickly upload activity data about your pet so you can view your pet’s latest info with the app on your smartphone.

oggii 3 is the only proactive layer of protection for clinical and wellness of your pet.

Traditional microchipping and RFID tags are an important part of pet safety related to pet identification, yet a reactive technology when it comes to losing your pet.

When you set up your oggii 3, you can only choose one pet to assign the device to. You need an additional oggii 3 device for each additional pet.

Yes. oggii 3 is waterproof and durable (rated IPX7). It’s designed to go anywhere with your pet. The most intrepid pets can take oggii 3 with them through water, mud, rain and snow.

A full list of product tech specs can be found here.

Attachment & Size

Yes. oggii 3 only comes in one size but is designed for any pet over 5kg (11lbs).

oggii 3 comes with an attachment rubber to secure the device directly onto your pet’s existing collar or harness (up to 1’’ wide). No need to remove the device from your pet’s collar.

Oggii 3 Battery

oggii 3 has primary battery and doesn’t require charging.

Battery life is 1 year from device wake up.

Subscription & Billing

Mobile App

Yes, just download the free oggii mobile app to your iOS or Android smartphone and stay connected to your pet from wherever you are.

Yes. You can invite family, friends, and other caretakers to view your pet’s activity.

Yes. Track your pet’s activity using the free oggii app on your smartphone. oggii 3 has an accelerometer that is used to calculate intensity and minutes of activity for your pet. You can also customize activity goals based on your pet’s breed, weight and age.

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